Freesia School September 2014 Newsletter Update

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The month of September at ABC Freesia School has leaped forward in academics, co-curricular, fun and frolic, and renewed enthusiasm among teachers after the “Teachers’ Day Celebration”.  With our curriculum coordinators testing K5 children in English scholastics and our teachers advancing into their Nursery Teacher Training Program (NTT), we welcome our members to enjoy every bit of this newsletter!

Attendance and Nutrition

No. of students enrolled: 95

Total number of meals served this month: 2,958

No. of school days: 19

No. of Students enrolled (Day): 88

Average attendance: 78

Attendance in %: 88

No. of students enrolled (ASP): 7

Total breakfasts served: 1,479

Total lunches served: 1,479

Total meals served at ASP

(After School Program): NIL

Total number meals served since opening at Freesia: 57,906

Total ABC-BB School partnership meals since opening: 172,667

K4 Math

Children learned addition, subtraction, addition symbol (+), subtraction symbol (-) and equals (=), writing numbers from 1 to 10.  The concept of adding objects was done in math work book.  They also learned arranging numbers from bigger to smaller, smaller to bigger.

K5 Math

Children learned addition, subtraction, addition symbol (+), subtraction symbol (-) and equals (=), writing numbers from 1 to 20.  The concept of adding objects was done in math work book.

K4 English

In JOLLY PHONICS, children learedt letter sound ie, ee, or, z, w, ng, v, oo and y.   Children were introduced to the sounds using a story and action with JOLLY PHONICS.  Many activities with blending the words and crossing out the picture that does not belong to the sounds were done.

K5 English

Tricky Words learned for the month were, “come some, said, here, there, they, go, no, so, my, one, by”

K4/K5 Genki English

Children learned the English language through the word, song, game, action, karaoke, numbers 1 to 12 and creepy crawlies

K4 Social Science

Theme of the month was “Weather”.  Different types of weather and different types of weather conditions were discussed.  Children learned about daily weather changes and how weather affects our lives.  Activities included – making a weather book.  Children also learned about how the four seasons affect weather conditions.

K5 Social Science

The following continents were presented to the kids – North America, Australia, Arctic and Antarctica. Children learned about each continent and visually saw them on the globe, map and viewed Google videos

Native language Kannada

Letters learnedt ai, o, oo, ou


English proficiency testing                                

K5 children took the Evolutions Test to identify the letter sound, diagraph, copy writing, and reading tricky words.  Tests were conducted by Selvi and Meher in Freesia.

Character Development

Topic of the month was “Being Thoughtful”.  Moral stories were used to explain the feeling of thoughtfulness.  Examples used were helping your mother even before she asks you to.  Thinking of helping someone is being thoughtful.

Library time

This time of the day, children pick up a book and read to themselves or sometimes the teacher reads it to them.  This is the quietest part of the school day where children share quality time with the teacher


Special care is taken in cooking in a hygienic environment.  Cooks have a fixed menu for the week.  Delicious meals are prepared in-house to control the quality and nutrition.  ABC schools are regularly inspected for cleanliness by the team from our Implementation partner Building Blocks India. 


Field trips

K5 Children had a field trip to Pizza Hut and were treated with yummy, tummy filling appetizing pizzas.  K5 children went inside the kitchen to learn and see the making of pizza.  Many games were played and many winning prizes were taken away by our kids!


Jonathan our volunteer English language teacher trainer visits our school every Monday and trains the teachers in English language usage.  Thanks, Jonathan, for providing this wealth of information free to our teachers.

Clown Joseph visits our school monthly twice to entertain the children by telling stories, and singing songs.  Thank you Joseph!  The children LOVE you a lot!

Special Celebration

Freesia celebrated Teachers’ Day on 5th September 2014.  Teachers gave a stunning dance performance to the students.  Children presented the teachers with flower bouquets and thank you cards.

Implementation partner Building Blocks India organization also had a spectacular celebration to honor the teachers.  A grand gala day of celebrations with extravagant food and music was arranged to mark the Teachers’ Day, “Thank you teachers for the remarkable job that you do!”




Seven teachers from Freesia are attending the Montessori and NTT Program.  This training will augment our teachers with good teaching methodologies and benefit our schools with high-quality teaching.  Below is a snapshot from the classroom training session.

Special Thanks to the staff that supports Freesia at our Implementation Partner, Building Blocks, and also to all Infrastructure Funding Partners, AlphaBet Club donors and volunteers, Rotary Club Amsterdam International and Wilde Ganzen.