Freesia School March 2016 Newsletter Update

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Over a 150+ children got a comprehensive health checkup for both general health and a dental screening this month of March.  Proud that two of the very popular institutions, RV Dental College and St. Philomena’s Hospital joined forces with the local Soroptimist International of Bangalore team to conduct this successful medical drive for our schools.

Holi, the ‘festival of colors’ was celebrated with all the children, staff and parents with a great joy!  No doubt that children enjoyed this thoroughly as it was distinctly visible to see those colorful smiles on their faces!

Also our K5 children had a final assessment for them as they get ready to leave our school and move ahead to other schools for 1st grade education

Attendance and Nutrition                             

No. of students enrolled: 103

Total number of meals served this month: 3,554

No. of school days: 24

No. of Students Enrolled (Day): 88

Average attendance: 79

Attendance in %: 90

No. of Students Enrolled (ASP):  15

Total breakfasts served: 1,892

Total lunches served: 1,662

Total number meals served since opening at Freesia: 106,628

Total ABC-BB School partnership meals since opening: 293,169


Jolly Phonics songs

Library time


Writing Practice

K5 Assessment in progress

Lot of focus went into preparing and guiding children for the final assessment.  Teachers took time in revising previously taught concepts and bringing children up to speed in all subjects.

Physical Education


Playing blindfold with kids

Children are encouraged to play in our outdoor playground.  Every day, 15 minutes of physical activity is included in the schedule. This month too, children played outdoors whenever weather permitted.


Lunch time

Well balanced nutritious meals were prepared and served every day.  Children were served with breakfast and lunch on all working days.  A total of 3,554 meals were served for our children

After School Program (ASP)

With a total of 15 students of grades 1 and 2 the ASP program is going very well.  This program helps the students in the evening with their homework which they bring back from their respective schools.  This program is a supportive program which assists our previous graduates to keep up with their school work.

Free Medical Checkup at Freesia School

Dental checkup by RV Dental College

Physical checkup by St. Philomena’s Hospital doctors

Soroptimist International members with Freesia kids


Thank you SI for this camp

Parents waiting for their kids treatment

AlphaBet Club’s initiative in doing a thorough medical checkup for the students of Freesia and Gardenia Schools showed a lot of interest by various NGOs in Bangalore.  We are happy to share with ABC community that a very successful medical camp was conducted on March 18th in Freesia School by Soroptimist International (SI) Bangalore.  ABC is extremely proud to mention that all the partners i.e., ABC, Building Blocks (BB) and SI Bangalore that came together for this are all Bangalore Effective Education Task Force (BEETF) partners that share the same vision of providing education for the underprivileged kids of Bangalore.  Through the effective and large network of BEETF, these partners were able to leverage the synergies and create this wonderful project for the students of BB.  SI Bangalore very articulately collaborated this camp with a team of eight dentists from R V Dental College, two physicians from St. Philomena’s Hospital and one senior physician who is an internal SI member.

A total of 103 students aged between 3 to 8 years from Freesia School and 40 students aged between 3 to 5 years of Gardenia School were seen by the General Physicians of St. Philomena’s Hospital and by the senior SI member doctor for an overall physical checkup and a complete dental checkup and treatment was done by RV Dental College for the 103 students of Freesia School.  Also, over 100+ parents were given an oral health and hygiene lecture with demonstrations by the doctors of RV Dental College.  Also, the dentists played games with children in groups of 30 students on the theme of maintaining dental health and hygiene.  SI Bangalore’s effort was visibly seen by their members showing profound interest in doing this for the BB Schools and also actively participating on the day of the camp.  There was a strong presence of their team members who gave away toothbrushes, toothpaste, multivitamins and deworming medicines for all the 140+ children.  Also they had arranged for a delicious lunch for all the children, parents, siblings, staff of BB, SI members and of course for the doctors.  A total of 280+ meals was sponsored free for all by Mrs. Shruthi Anand of Prakash Café who was very touched to see the great work being done by ABC and BB.  ABC wholeheartedly thank the members of SI Bangalore, St. Philomena’s college, RV Dental College, Prakash Café, staff of BB and BEETF for conducting a successful medical drive!

Special Celebration

Children playing Holi at school

Festival of Colors – ‘Holi’

Birthday celebration in school

Birthdays are special for everyone.  Children express great joy in celebrating their birthday with their friends! Here are a few pictures from the birthday celebrations.

A special thank you to the staff that supports Freesia at our Implementation Partner – Building Blocks, and also to all Infrastructure Funding Partners, AlphaBet Club donors and volunteers, Rotary Club Amsterdam International and Wilde Ganzen.