Freesia School February 2015 Newsletter Update

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As we get close to the end of 2014-15 academic year, reading, writing and learning at ABC-BB Freesia School is at full swing.  Children of K5 are being tested every Friday in English and Math.  They seem to be doing very well like all students of other BB schools.  Come April, it will be a sad but a proud moment for all the teachers to bid these children adieu as they move out of Freesia and start another remarkable journey in other English Medium schools.

Attendance and Nutrition

No. of students enrolled: 91

Total number of meals served this month: 2,912

No. of school days: 19

No. of Students Enrolled (Day): 84

Average attendance: 77

Attendance in %: 90

No. of Students Enrolled (ASP): 7

Total breakfasts served: 1,456

Total lunches served: 1,456

Total meals served at ASP

(After School Program): NIL

Total number meals served since opening at Freesia: 71,024

Total ABC-BB School partnership meals since opening: 200, 294


K4 Math

This month they learned writing numbers from 1-100 and writing even and odd numbers from 1-20.  Recognizing and writing the numerals, counting the objects and writing the numerals, matching the number of objects in a set to the correct numeral, coloring the correct number of objects, sequencing the numerals, matching sets to their correct numerals.  All these activities were done from the math work book.

K5 Math

This month they learned the Tables of 1 and 2, what comes after and what comes before, numbers from 1-100, missing numbers, lesser to greater / greater to lesser, which is greater than and lesser than (<,>,=) and to arrange the numbers in serial order.

K4 English

Children learned the new tricky words: the, he, she, me, we, be, I, was, to, do, are, all, you, your, come, some, said, here, there, the dictations of tricky words, blending words, reading sentences and simple readers – My Garden and My Dog.

K5 English

Children learned the new tricky words – could, should, would, right, two, goes, four, dictation of tricky words, blending words from word bank and reading sentences from the word bank. In language work they learned recognizing and writing the beginning and end vowel sound and missing sounds.

K5 Core Curriculum Language Arts – Instructional sentences were discussed with the children like – Please sit down, Can you please get the book, Please close the door, Please keep quiet, Look at the board, Please give me your pencil, Can I go to the toilet, I will bring it tomorrow, I finished my writing, He is disturbing me.

K4/K5 Kannada

Introduction of new letters – jna, ta, taa, da, daa, na, tha, thaa.

K4/K5 Story time

Following stories were read to the children – The Thirsty Crow, The Lion and the Mouse and The Hare and the Tortoise.

Value Education

Let’s be friends – In this they learned not to fight with friends and not to blame them or tell tales on them.

Let’s do things together – Children learned from this story that all of them must work together to make it a better place.

Learning to give – From this story they learned wonderful things can happen when we share things.

Let’s tell the truth – Through this story children learned that it is important to always tell the truth.

K4/K5 Play time

All Freesia, children had ample time to relax and play outdoors in February.  All ABC-BB schools give utmost importance in learning and as well as relaxation for the very young kids.


At Freesia, hand wash several times a day is regularly followed.  Likely hood of these impoverished children falling sick is very high.  At ABC-BB schools hand wash is followed strictly after every wash room visit, after play and before and after breakfast / lunch.  This is helping in keeping our attendance high.


Well balanced nutritious meals were prepared and served every day.  Children were fed breakfast and lunch on all working days.  Delicious meals were prepared and served with love every day at our Freesia school!

Special Celebration

BB’s founder Mr. James Suresh Ambat’s birthday was celebrated on February 26th at Freesia.  Children sang the birthday song for James and wished him a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Just like any other month, February too had many birthdays’ celebrated in school for the kindergarteners.  A special day for the child to share some joy with friends is encouraged in our schools!

Special Thanks to the staff that supports Freesia at our Implementation Partner, Building Blocks, and also to all Infrastructure Funding Partners, AlphaBet Club donors and volunteers, Rotary Club Amsterdam International and Wilde Ganzen.