Freesia School December 2013 Newsletter Update

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Take a peek into a month at our Freesia School. December was an exciting month for the 115 students at Freesia.  3,022 meals served, Christmas celebrations, 100,000th meal celebrations and special visitors made it a fun month for our students.

December is the 7th month of the 11 month school year. Freesia has shown a lot of progress since its opening and the children learn new things through various new methods of teaching being implemented at school by the Curriculum Designer, supervisor and the teachers.

Attendance and Nutrition

No. of students enrolled: 115
Total number of meals served this month: 3022

No. of school days: 16
Average attendance: 100

Attendance in %: 84%

Total breakfasts served: 1603

Total lunches served: 1419   

Total # of meals served since opening 3/2012: 28,993 meals

Total # of meals served at ABC-BB Schools: 118,190 meals

Learning Focus:

The kids learn about basic hygiene everyday in their classes. The K4 children have now started learning Jolly Phonics. They now recognize letter sounds and enjoy doing it.

In Genki English, the children learned about the Baby Monkey, Winter clothes and How many and How much?

The Children also learn music through Brill kids little musician and enjoy it.

Math Activity in Class


The children were served 3022 nutritious meals this month.


We had a volunteer from France, Chloe, who works with the slum communities and wanted to give a small talk to our teachers on the topic of environment cleanliness and waste management.


Chloe doing training at Freesia

The teachers gained a lot from what she said and taught the children what they learned in a simple manner.


Chloe walking through new concepts


Freesia celebrated its first Christmas with a lot of fun and excitement. One of our teachers dressed as Santa Claus and danced and sang with the children and distributed sweets among them.


Teacher Madhuri dressed as Santa

Santa visits Freesia


We also had people donating clothes to our school and we invited the parents to come and pick whatever they liked.

Parents looking through donated clothes

We also had another big celebration this month, surpassing 100,000 nutritious meals at both schools, Edelweiss and Freesia. The children were given a special meal and they loved it!

100,000th Meals Served Celebration and Cake

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