Freesia School October 2013 Newsletter Update

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October is the 5th month of the school year. Freesia has progressed a lot from the past months academically and the children are learning new things through the new Montessori methods being implemented at school.

Attendance and Nutrition
No. of school days: 20
No. of students enrolled: 119
Average attendance: 100
Attendance in %: 84%
Total breakfasts served: 1921
Total lunches served: 1670
Total number of meals served this month: 3591

Learning Focus:

The kids are learning about basic hygiene in their classes. The K4 class children are having fun learning about siblings, blowing bubbles, inside outside and hidden objects.

In Genki English, the children learned animal voices and creatures under the sea. The Community Helper for this month was Doctor and Nurse.


The children were served 3591 nutritious meals this month.


Rajiv Mehra from the Rotary Club Amsterdam International and his friends visited India and both the schools of Building Blocks that the AlphaBet Club helped in opening.

They were amazed at how well maintained the schools were and how well Freesia was doing. The children had a fun time with the visitors.

We also had another visitor, Oliver Shortman, from Amsterdam, a friend of Troy Swanson, Founder of The AlphaBet Club, who helped us with videos and photographs.


The kids at Freesia celebrated the Dussera festival and had a special lunch and sweets. They were taught the meaning and importance of the festival. Dussera is celebrated in India as a festival of victory of good over evil.