Freesia School November 2013 Newsletter Update

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November is the 6th month of the school year. All of us at Building Blocks had a big celebration this month. We celebrated the 9th year anniversary of Building Blocks on the 9th of November along with the Children’s Day in one big occasion.

Attendance and Nutrition
No. of school days: 20
No. of students enrolled: 118
Average attendance: 100
Attendance in %: 81%
Total breakfasts served: 1996
Total lunches served: 1670
Total number of meals served this month: 3666

Learning Focus:

The K5 kids are learning the alphabets of the local language – Kannada. They are progressing well in that. The K4 class children are having fun learning about baby monkeys, winter weather and winter clothes. In Genki English, the children learned about ‘How many?’ and ‘How much?’.

The K5 students also are being given writing practice of tricky words such as – I, To, Are, Was etc. The K4 students are being taught letter sounds of M and D and writing practice for the same.

During Circle time, all the children are taught the days of the week, months of the year and review of all the colors and shapes and counting numbers.


The children were served 3666 nutritious meals this month.


We had many visitors at Freesia this month.

On 14th of November, we had guests from an organization called Harmony. They were Lalit Sanghvi, Kamlesh Desai and Gobind Seth. Sindhu Christina, who works as a Community Engagement Volunteer for The AlphaBet Club and Building Blocks, invited them over to celebrate Children’s Day with the Freesia children.

They had brought fruits and juices for all the children.

The children performed for the visitors. All of the visitors were very impressed with the standards maintained at the school and also with the curriculum we taught.

On the 29th of November, we had another visitor from America, Allison Jacobs, a friend of the Amsterdam Rotarians.

She was very touched by the humble backgrounds that our school children belonged to and was very impressed by the way we were teaching them. She also offered to sponsor a girl and 3 others, who would be sponsored by her family members.


We celebrated the 9th anniversary of Building blocks, combining it with the Children’s Day which falls on the 14th of November in India. All the schools gathered at Primus School in Bangalore, who very graciously accepted our request to conduct our program in their auditorium and school grounds.

The program was a huge hit among all the guests and they enjoyed each performance done by the students of Building Blocks.

All of the 744 children, from all the 6 learning centers were given a gift, by the funds raised via Indiegogo and funds received by the Noble Cause Club and The AlphaBet Club.

All the performances can be seen on this link –

All the photos can be seen here –