Freesia School June 2013 Newsletter Update

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June is the first month of the school year. 10 months remain of the school year. Many new faces were welcomed at Freesia, both students and Teachers.The children love spending their time here and enjoy their daily lessons and activities.

Attendance and Nutrition

  • No. of school days: 24
  • No. of students enrolled: 126
  • Average attendance: 100
  • Attendance in %: 79.3%
  • Total breakfasts served: 1836
  • Total number of meals served this month: 1836

As part of the curriculum, the kids are learning the basics like days, dates, months of the year and the name of the founder. They also have been doing physical activities during their play time and in the circle time of their classroom with their teachers.

Although the full curriculum has not yet started, fine and gross motor skill development activities are being held for them. The teachers and children have fun doing these activities.

We also had parents from the DJ Halli slum come in for a meeting with the Freesia school Manager on the enrollment of their children.

Many school utilities, toys and study material were also purchased this month from the Lifestyle gift vouchers that Claire Dean had given us.

There has been a lot of Carpentery and flooring work that went on in the month of May-June, and now the school is complete.

As for the Nutrition program at Freesia – only breakfast was served in this month as the classes were conducted only till 11 am and 12 pm for the first two weeks and 1pm in the last week.

A new printer was bought for Freesia and we have started the use of it as well, we printed and photocopied pages on which the children display their coloring skills..! The teachers also use the photocopier/printer to take copies for all the daily lessons and activities.

The students were also given their uniforms and love wearing it to school.

There has also been addition of staff – 1 new help – Amu has joined us and a new teacher – Samina. Two teachers from the Edelweiss School have joined Freesia.