Freesia School July 2013 Newsletter Update

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July is the second month of the 11 month school year.  The children continue to make progress in important aspects of education, nutrition, health and safety, and hygiene.

Attendance and Nutrition

No. of school days: 26
No. of students enrolled: 126
Average attendance: 110
Attendance in %: 87.3%
Total breakfasts served: 2778
Total lunches served: 2538
Total number of meals served this month: 5316

Introducing the Staff of Freesia:

In the back row, we have (L – R) –

  • Devilakshmi – Cook
  • Ramya – helps with the cleaning of the entire school
  • Rama Devi – helps in the kitchen

In the front row are the teachers (L – R) –

  • Sameena – Teacher for K4
  • Kavitha – Teacher for K4
  • Ayesha – Teacher for K4
  • Monisha – Manager for Freesia
  • Regina – Teacher for K4
  • Madhuri – Teacher for K5
  •  Shilpa – Asst. Teacher for K4

We are really happy to have the entire staff of Freesia on board with us this year. We look forward to working together for the better future of these children.

Learning Focus:

This month the children have started pre-writing skills like cutting, tearing paper into shapes, drawing triangles and squares and colouring pictures within the boundaries.  They use multi-sensory materials to keep their pre-writing skills interesting.  These activities help the children develop the strength to handle and control small objects with their hands and prepares them for the next step, WRITING!

In ‘Brillkids’, the children started learning musical sounds while in ‘Fun with Math’, the children were introduced to basic math concepts by learning about ‘Sinkers and Floaters’ and ‘Slow and Fast’.

The children have started recognizing community helpers, which they learned in their academics.  The community helper for this month was – Fireman.

The teachers engage the students in stories that they read out to them, the children listen to the stories with deep interest, except when the camera is there!

During Health/Safety class – the kids learn about the importance of food and hygiene that must be maintained while cooking and eating food.


The character development card for this month was “Being Courteous”. The Teachers tell stories to the children and teach them to be polite and to express their gratitude by saying ‘Thank you’. They are also taught to smile and wish ‘Good Morning’.


The children are served a healthy breakfast and lunch daily, they relish the food at school.


Teachers teach the children the importance of hygiene and have started teaching them the 7 steps of hand-wash.

The seven are –

  1. Squeeze a small amount of soap over left palm and dip all fingers of right hand into it and vice versa
  2. Rub palm to palm
  3. Right palm over left and left palm over right
  4. Palm to plam, fingers interlaced
  5. Back of fingers to opposing palms with fingers interlocked
  6. Rotational rubbing of right thumb clasped in left palm and vice versa
  7.  Rotational rubbing of right wrist and vice versa. Rinse and dry thoroughly

…and finally…

Visiting Guests:

Mallika Ghosh from the Parinaam Foundation visited our Freesia to enroll children from the DJ Halli slum.  The Parinaam Foundation is an NGO and provide services in the areas of healthcare, education, livelihood and community development to urban poor families in slums like DJ Halli.

We also had Daisy, our curriculum advisor, visiting Freesia to review the curriculum and train teachers on how to bring in new innovative ideas to the curriculum.

We also have 2 volunteers (Anu and Manju) who came and helped the children in reading and understanding stories and learning new words and craft-work. Anu helps with the reading skills and Manju helps the children in learning new arts and crafts, she also helps the teachers in completing art-related activities from the curriculum.