Freesia School August 2013 Newsletter Update

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August saw many reasons to celebrate; we celebrated India’s 66th year of Independance and an Islamic Festival – Eid-ul-fitr.  The Freesia school has introduced Montessori time in their new curriculum, which allows the children time to settle into the school environment when they arrive at school in the morning.  They are allowed to play and experiment with all the play and activity material provided to them, satisfying their natural curiosity.

Attendance and Nutrition:

The total enrollment of the school is 127.
The average attendance is 100 per day.
Total number of meals served this month were 3742.

Learning Focus:

Students are being introduced to new activities and topics in the Montessori and Circle time in their classes. The learning focus for this month was on the writing skills of the K4 and K5 students.


The K4 kids are learning about Health and Safety, which includes eating healthy food.  The kids enjoy wholesome nutritious breakfast and lunch every day at school.

Every month the children learn about an individual or a group of people who help or provide a service to the whole community.  The community helper, that the children are learning about for this month is the Police-man and his services to the society.

The K5 children are being taught viva science, jolly phonics as well as math.

The reading sessions of the children is also made fun by teaching them how to read through the Brillkids Little Reader.

Celebrations at School: Birthdays

We celebrated Kavitha’s birthday this month. She teaches the K4 class.

India Independence Day – 15th Aug 2013

The children were taught about the Indian Independence and celebrated the 66th Independence Day.  The children were taught about the Indian flag and also had the chance to see the flag being hoisted to mark the 66th Independence Day.   We had a fancy dress competition and a dance performance by the kids.

Celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr

Eid-ul-fitr, is a Muslim festival and fell in August this year.  The children celebrated this Eif-ul-fitr by enjoying a special lunch followed by sweets!