Edelweiss School December 2013 Newsletter Update

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December was a month full of many celebrations at Edelweiss – 100,000th meal celebrations, special visitors and Christmas celebration and gifts at the school.

December is the seventh month of the 11 month school year. Children at Edelweiss enjoy coming to school and learning new things everyday in their Circle Time. The teachers are also using new and interesting techniques to teach concepts to children.

Attendance and Nutrition

Total Number of Students Enrolled: 126
Total number of meals served this month: 2,915
No. of school days: 16    
Number of Students Enrolled (Day): 106
Average attendance (Day): 90
Attendance in % (Day): 84.9%
Number of Students Enrolled (ASP): 20
Total breakfasts served: 1441
Total lunches served: 1281
Total meals served at ASP
(After School Program): 193
Total number meals served since opening at Edelweiss: 77,730
Total # of meals served at ABC-BB Schools: 118,190 meals


The kids learn about basic hygiene everyday in their classes. The children learn about the weather, days of the week, month, words, date, colors, shapes and counting numbers in their circle time.

They were taught on how to be obedient. They were taught about what a teacher does. The children also learned the importance of getting plenty of rest.

The community helper that the children learned about this month was a Nurse.

In their Genki classes, the students learned about favorite colors and sports.

Tricky words, blending and reading sentences were taught to the children in the Jolly Phonics classes this month.


The children were served 2,915 nutritious meals this month along with the After School Program.


Edelweiss celebrated its first Christmas in the new school with a lot of fun and excitement. One of our teachers dressed as Santa Claus and danced and sang with the children and distributed sweets among them. The kids had lots of fun!



We also had another big celebration this month, Surpassing 100,000 nutritious meals at both schools, Edelweiss and Freesia. The children were given a special meal and they loved it!   See more information on the 100,000th meal milestone and celebration at:  https://alphabetclub.org/100000th-meal/


The AlphaBet Club (Joska van Oosten, Liselotte Betist, Lotta Isopura and Victoire Klaassen) also raised funds by volunteering their skills and doing Facepainting at ABC Halloween event in Amsterdam and donated blankets to all the children of Edelweiss school as Christmas gifts. 


Thank you ABC for the blankets given to students for Christmas

The children and their parents were thrilled to receive these gifts!


Special Thanks to the staff that supports Edelweiss at our Implementation Partner, Building Blocks, and also to our Project Funding Partner, Alternatives 4 Children.