Gardenia School August 2015 Newsletter Update

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Students were happy to take part in many Indian Independence Day programs that were arranged at Gardenia..  National flag was hoisted and Tri-color sweets and chocolates were distributed to them.  With an average attendance at 86% and enrollment at 36 children Gardenia is slowly creating new records every month.  Happy to also share that the Nutrition program kick started and children are now given breakfast and lunch free of cost to them.

Attendance and Nutrition

No. of students enrolled: 36

Total number of meals served this month: 1,290

No. of school days: 23

No. of Students Enrolled (Day): 36

Average attendance: 31

Attendance in %: 86

Total breakfasts served: 691

Total lunches served: 599

Total number meals served since opening at Gardenia: 1,290

Total ABC-BB School partnership meals since opening: 234,644



K4 children learned to tell numbers 1-50 orally


Language enrichment cards were used to teach the words and meanings for it.  Words like inside, outside, above, below, top, middle and bottom were talked and explained to them.

Local Language Kannada:

This month K4 learned to tell the letters “a to aha” orally

Social Science

Learning about community helpers

The theme of the month was – Community Helper.  Kids learned about Fireman, Policeman, Teacher and Doctor 

Value Education

Learning through activities

In value education they learned to be Obedient, Truthful, Respectful and Helpful

K3 Program

Circle time activities

In circle time, children learned how to greet others and how to reply to others. They learned to identify the colors – red, blue and green and identify shapes – circle, square and triangle.

Children learned to sing rhymes – “Chubby Cheeks, Johnny-Johnny, Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes, Teddy Bear Teddy Bear”.  Again this month, children were introduced to the Classroom rules, School’s name and Teacher’s name.  Being

Courteous was the theme of the month for character development.  Line formations like slanting line, wavy line, standing line and sleeping line were again repeated this month.  Community helpers like the Fire man and Police man was talked about and children were shown charts to relate to the topic.  To improve the fine motor skills following activities were done to strengthen –  rolling play dough, sorting, pouring the rice, threading beads, clipping cloth pegs, pressing the tweezers and lifting objects with tongs.  Stories with moral meanings were read – Hetty and the Lion, I am a little Teapot and Twinkle-Twinkle little star.

Physical Education

Outdoor playing

Children are encouraged to play in our outdoor playground.  Every day, 15 minutes of physical activity is included in the schedule.


7 steps to hand wash!

Hand washes are mandatory before and after food, after using the restroom and after playtime.  Our newly enrolled K3 and K4 children are following the 7 steps to hand wash.


It’s lunch time!

Gardenia cook preparing lunch

Our new cook Shwetha, for the Gardenia School kitchen is coping up very well and children are fed nutritious meals every day.  With 23 working days, children were fed with breakfast and lunch.  A total of 1,290 meals were served this month.

Teacher Training

Building Blocks Teachers training with Ms. Sue Griffith, Meher and Selvi was held on 24th of Aug, Monday at Azalea School.  The training was based on morning message, on phase one Phonics and Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS)


Peggy and her team visited Gardenia on 26th August from Sunshine for a School. This is what they had to say about the school – “We congratulate you for the very good job you are doing here to help underprivileged families. We are really happy to take part in your project”.

Pictures from Independence Day Celebration

Independence day activities

“Special Thanks to the staff that supports the Gardenia School at our Implementation Partner, Building Blocks, to the Infrastructure Funding Partner, AlphaBet Club donors and volunteers, Casa Foundation for construction and fundraising efforts and DNF for providing the building.”


    Great to see the children in Independence Day program. I appreciate the Nutrition program for the children. Attendance of children is really good. Thanks for the arrangement…..