Edelweiss School June 2014 Newsletter Update

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June 2014-15 marks the beginning of the new academic year for ABC Schools.  With notable rejuvenation from our K5 children, hustle and bustle of the first timers (K4) and with lot of anticipation and expectation from teachers for the new academic year, the school started off promptly. With great many planned activities, lots of action and with a renewed vision, there is a lot to look forward to this academic year!

Attendance and Nutrition
No. of students enrolled: 114

Total number of meals served this month: 3,129

No. of school days: 20

No. of students enrolled (Day): 93

Average attendance: 76

Attendance in %: 81

No. of students enrolled (ASP): 21

Total breakfasts served: 1,511
Total lunches served: 1,511
Total meals served at ASP
(After School Program): 107

Total number meals served since opening at Edelweiss: 104,756
Total ABC-BB School partnership meals since opening: 153,470

Education is of utmost priority at all our ABC Schools.  There is no compromise what so ever in our activities! While the children were at break in the month of May, our curriculum coordinators worked very hard to improve the educational material for the academic year 2014-15.  We now have lot more worksheets, math activity workbooks for both K4-K5 kids and excellent field trips planned for them.  Here’s a glimpse of Edelweiss in action!

To combat malnutrition, children are well fed with sumptuous breakfast and lunch.  Hygiene is taught from day one.  All our K4/K5 children are taught the seven steps of hand wash!

Our ASP parents were given an orientation for scholarship program, instructions were given for good demeanor in children at new schools, maintain cleanliness and hygiene, maintain healthy eating habits, no absenteeism from ASP and most importantly saving Rs.500/month in newly created bank accounts.

Special Thanks to the staff that supports Edelweiss at our Implementation Partner, Building Blocks, and also to our Project Funding Partner, Alternatives 4 Children.