Edelweiss School July 2014 Newsletter Update

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A lot has happened in July!  Here is a peek into the activities that the children of Building Blocks Edelweiss School ventured into.   With our regular stream of activities that we do in Math, Social Science, Value Education, Health and Hygiene, this month’s prime focus was K5 children’s visit to the planetarium.  Children were able to connect their classroom exploration of solar system and universe to the models on display and the film on constellations.

Attendance and Nutrition
No. of students enrolled: 115

Total number of meals served this month: 3,558

No. of school days: 21

No. of students enrolled (Day): 93

Average attendance: 78

Attendance in %: 84

No. of students enrolled (ASP): 22

Total breakfasts served: 1,639
Total lunches served: 1,639
Total meals served at ASP
(After School Program): 280

Total number meals served since opening at Edelweiss: 108,314
Total ABC-BB School partnership meals since opening: 160,346

Academics ran in full swing with children learning new activities planned for July.  They probed into matching even and odd sets, circle time with math and science related activities, storytelling, blending alphabets and value education on “let’s be friends”.

Apart from reading and learning at Edelweiss, children are taken out on field trips every month.  This month’s field trip was to the Planetarium.   Also in classroom, children learnt about Solar system through many activities including videos about planets and universe.   Their knowledge was so obvious that they recognized the planet models that were on display.  K5 children were quite happy to see the movie about constellations.  They related well with the classroom conversation to the models and photographs on display, which at the age of five is unbelievable!

Health and Hygiene

Impoverished children of Edelweiss are taught many aspects of hygiene.  We emphasize on hand wash every time after the child uses the washroom and before and after meals.  This month we also demonstrated “HOW TO BRUSH TEETH”.

Children at play and some unique activities

In July, we had a visitor by name Tom Latinovich. He is a technologist from San Francisco and is developing a unique online system to teach English. A large focus of his is extending this system to the world’s underprivileged communities.

He said – “Thank you! I really appreciated the opportunity to watch your classes. Your students are very dedicated and kind. Thank you for your work.”

Special Thanks to the staff that supports Edelweiss at our Implementation Partner, Building Blocks, and also to our Project Funding Partner, Alternatives 4 Children.