Edelweiss School November 2012 Newsletter Update

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There was never a dull moment for Carnations in November! It was packed with loads of fun activities like the Diwali celebrations, visitors, special events and a lot of “School” too. The teachers put their best into keeping the children happy, healthy and growing.

Attendance and Nutrition:

Attendance : 88%
Meals Served : 3510

Learning  focus :

In math, the K4 children are learning the concepts of over, beside, down, on, in front of, behind, forward, top, middle, bottom, first–next- last, start & finish and back-to-back through fun activities.

The K5 Children are practicing writing 1-50, ordinal numbers 1st-10th, concepts of before after and in- between, counting up to 100 and counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

In phonics, they are practicing reading sentences, recognizing capital letters, identifying short vowels and tricky words in the given sentences.

Children’s Trip To Shoppers Stop

The children were invited to go to the Shoppers Stop store in a Mall. They received a whole hearted welcome by all the store staff. The kids then performed four songs for all the employees.  They had a tour of the two floors of the store as this was the first time the children had ever been inside a large department store. The children were then treated with a delicious south Indian meal in a restaurant nearby. The employees were very happy to spend time with the kids, taking them around, and dancing with them.

A big ‘thank you’ to the Shoppers Stop team for organizing this trip for the children.

This month we celebrated the 50,000th meal served at the Edelweiss school since December 2011, when the school started.  A special meal was served and the children were given Blankets as Diwali gifts.

Nutrition :

Visitors :

Steven Lurie and his family visited our school on 22nd Nov, they were given a tour of the school. There was a small lamp lighting ceremony and they visited each class and were amazed with the performance of the children. They also took the time to visit the slum where the kids come from. A big thanks to Steven Lurie and family for the generous donation they gave towards the school.

We had Samanda, Mr. John and Ms. Janet visit the school this month. They had a tour of the school and the slums and were very happy to meet all the children and some of their families.

Celebrations at Edelweiss :

Diwali, the festival of lights, is a much awaited event for all. It is celebrated with much enthusiasm and happiness. The teachers at the school made it very special for the children through a delicious meal and the kids enjoyed burning firecrackers.