Edelweiss School July 2012 Newsletter Update

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Attendance and Nutrition:

This month with a total strength of 97 students.
We had an attendance of 95%.
Total number of meals served: 2056

Learning Focus:

At  the Senior KG  level our children are learning  the concepts of  numbers  16  -­‐ 19 and  phonetics “ai”,  “j” through  songs  and activities. They are also  learning the amazing  “My  World”  in science.


Moral science:   Children    are  learning  “Diligence”    through  stories    and  activities.    They    are    also    learning    to  keep  clean,  brushing    teeth  and    washing  hands  regularly.

A new syllabus in Math has been introduced for the four-year old children:The Big Book of Fun With Math, by Pam Shiller and Lynne Peterson. We are into the first chapter, called “Exploration of Materials” with lot of activities for the kids like sand- table fun, play-dough squeeze etc. The children also had a fun activity learning how to make a sandwich.

Flash 2012 Annual Sports Day

All five schools of Building blocks celebrated interschool sports day, which was sponsored and organized by the Boeing India.This is the first time a sports event has been organized for all the five schools.

Around 50 volunteers from the Boeing India participated in this event and all the expenses for the  lunch, transport, sports items etc. were sponsored by them. Edelweiss School children Performed to the song “Waka Waka” as a welcome dance.