Edelweiss School January 2013 Newsletter Update

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January is the 8th month of the school year, 3 months remaining. A warm welcome to all the kids and staff at Edelweiss and to all those associated with this learning center, best wishes for a healthy, happy and fun-filled 2013! January saw the Edelweiss learning center being painted with vibrant colors and beautiful murals on all the walls. The kids surely enjoy their time here, amongst beautiful paintings in their classrooms.

Attendance and Nutrition

No. of school days: 21
No. of students enrolled: 97
Average attendance: 81
Attendance in %: 83%
Total breakfasts served: 1,691
Total lunches served: 1,625
Total number of meals served this month: 3,316
Total number meals served since opening: 58,420

Learning Focus:


Tricky words, sounds and word formation were reviewed by the K5 kids in their Jolly Phonics class.  The kids learned ‘Doctor, Doctor’, ‘How much?’, ‘How many?’ and ‘I’m thirsty’ in the Genki English class.

They also learned music through the Brillkids Little Musician.


The K4 kids had fun learning Math through Ball sort, Magnet sort, My favorite color, Color mystery, Streamer dance and Rainbow mosaic.






The K5 kids had Number concepts; they learned 1-20 on Flash cards. They learned counting numbers from 1-100. They were taught writing numbers from 1-50. The kids also learned counting numbers by 2’s, 10’s and ‘teens’. Addition, Subtraction, Before and After numbers and counting numbers with names is being taught to the kids.


The kids learned about the Ocean and the creatures that lived under the ocean.

Physical Education:

The kids learned fundamental body movements like Walking and Running.

Character Development:

The character development card for the kids taught in this month was ‘Truthful’.


This month Edelweiss served 3,316 nutritious meals free of charge to the children studying here.

This sums up to a total of 58,420 nutritious meals to the kids studying at Edelweiss since the opening.

Educational Visitors:

Mr. Josef Bogerfuerst visited Edelweiss dressed like a clown. He has been teaching the children moral values in entertaining ways so that the children understand. This month Mr. Josef taught the children the feeling of being Happy.

Mr. Jonathan shared his knowledge of English with the Edelweiss staff. He also trained them on the correct usage of the English language, which was highly effective.

Celebration at Edelweiss

 January 14th: Pongal

Pongal is the harvest festival celebrated with great gusto in India.

The children and the entire staff celebrated Pongal – the harvest festival, in a very joyous and cheerful manner. The kids were shown videos about Pongal and also had a discussion on the harvest festival. The kids were later given a treat of yummy lunch and sweets.

Kumutha’s Birthday:

All at Edelweiss, celebrated Kumutha’s birthday this month.


The children enjoyed singing for her, relished the cake and other tasty treats.