Edelweiss School December 2012 Newsletter Update

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2012 was an excellent academic year for Edelweiss, so many things seen and so many things learned. There has been an immense advancement and much has been accomplished on all fronts, by the students and staff at Edelweiss. December was a thrilling month for the kids at Edelweiss. They were invited to many Christmas parties. They enjoyed themselves very much. They received many gifts and loads of love was showered on them by everyone they met. December is the 7th month of the school year, 4 months remaining.

Attendance and Nutrition

No. of school days: 18
No. of students enrolled: 98
Average attendance: 89
Attendance in %: 91%
Total breakfasts served: 1,609
Total lunches served: 1,345
Total number of meals served this month: 2,954
Total number meals served since opening: 55,47

Learning Focus:


The children can now recognize all the 42 sounds of the English language. They have learned 40 tricky words out of the 72 that are in their curriculum. The children are always practicing reading and writing and are now able to identify short vowels and tricky words in sentences.

The kids enjoy their Genki English classes. The topics they covered for this month were – ‘What do you want for Christmas?’, ‘Under the sea’, ‘Excuse me’ and ‘Are you happy?’


The kids learned numbers from 1 to 20 on flash cards and counting of 1-100 by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s


The kids have are now in their fourth concept; Plants. They learned about the different types of plants and their uses. They were also taught about the seeds of plans. The kids have sown seeds and are monitoring their growth.


Tests were conducted for the K4 students on the 14th and 15th of December.


December 17th

We had Mr. Rajiv Mehra and Mrs. Jyotsana Mehra from the Netherlands, member of the RCAI (Rotary Club Amsterdam International) visiting Edelweiss. They spent a day observing the kids in their classrooms and were happy to see them learning and having fun at their learning center. Rotary Club Amsterdam International and AlphaBet Club Charity hosted a Gala Formal Dinner Event called “Bangalorious Night” in October 2012 with funds going to the opening of the 6th learning center, Freesia, in Bangalore.

School Outings:       

December 8th– Fisherman’s Wharf, Bangalore

“Make a wish Party” was organized by Sindhu Christina, Ema Trinidad, Kathryn Kylee and three other organizations and donors. This party was hosted in the Fisherman’s Wharf in Bangalore. The main concept of hosting this party was to fulfill atleast two of the three wishes made by the children. The wishes were very basic needs, like, clothes, shoes, blankets etc.

The children spent a fun day at the Fisherman’s wharf with many activities and a delicious meal. They were each given a goody bag and many wishes were fulfilled.

December 19th– Visit to the Art Gallery

The kids were taken to n Art gallery, organized by Ms. Asha. The children performed for them and had fun. They were later treated with tasty snacks and wonderful gifts.

December 21st– Christmas at Edelweiss

The entire staff and children at Edelweiss celebrated Christmas Day with great joy. They had a nice time eating yummy food and were given loads of gifts.