Edelweiss School August 2013 Newsletter Update

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August is the third month of the 11 month school year.  The children are being introduced to new activities and topics in the Montessori and Circle time in their classes. The children were taught about the Indian Independence and celebrated the 66th Independence Day on August 15th.

Attendance and Nutrition:

The total enrollment of the school is 96.
The average attendance is 93 students per day.
Total enrollment for ASP for this month is 20
Total number of meals served in this month were – 3,316.
The total number of meals served at Edelweiss since the opening are – 74,469.

Learning Focus:

The students of class K4 are being taught cleanliness and hygiene – washing hands and brushing teeth. The kids are also learning about the body parts and the five senses in their Viva Science.

Genki English is used to teach thekids English in a fun way through entertainment like songs and books.  Genki is the Japanese word for fun! In Genki English, the kids are learning “What’s your favorite color?” and “How did you get here?” along with learning tricky words, blending and reading sentences in Jolly Phoincs.

Physical Education:

The kids learned fundamental body movements like Walking, Running etc.

Character Development:

The character development card for the kids in this month was ‘Being Courteous’.


The children were served 3136 nutritious meals this month.

Celebration at Edelweiss:

The children and teachers celebrated the 66th Independence Day on August 15th. The Indian flag was painted on the students’ faces and they all did a flag dance. The children were then treated to a yummy lunch and dessert.

Raksha Bandhan was also celebrated at school on August 21st.  Raksha Bandhan is a  festival in which the girls tie a sacred thread their brothers’ wrists and the brothers in turn shower their sisters with blessings and gifts and take a vow to protect their sister from any harm that would befall her.