Edelweiss School August 2012 Newsletter Update

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Building Blocks Celebrates Independence Day!

On the 14th of August the children celebrated the 65th Independence day. The event started with the lighting of the lamp by Dr. Kavitha Reddy. Mr. Senthil Kumar, Mr. Alok Mohanty and Mr. Praveen Kumar from the MedPlus company also joined the ceremony.

Different game stalls and two huge bouncing castles were set up.  The children played at all the stalls and danced to some foot thumping music. It was fun!

Mr. BNS Reddy IPS hoisted the Indian national flag and the children sang the national anthem. This was followed by a special yummy meal. The children received a gift hamper each sponsored by Johnson & Johnson, Heinz, P & G, Wipro, Colgate, Palmolive, HLL, and Nestle.

Learning Focus :

Children of the four years age group (K4) are learning math through fun activities-exploration of materials, experimenting and making their own discoveries. They are learning different textures, how objects with different weights move, thickness of liquids, size, color and the  utility of objects.family, their friends, their home and neighbourhood.K5 children are exploring “My World”.

For K5 students in English lessons, Jolly phonics letter sounds of  z, w, ng, v, oo, y, x  and ch were taught . Each letter sound is introduced by a story, jolly song and wall frieze. Later the kids learnt the action, formation, blending and sounding of these letters.

The  children from the new batch are learning scissor skills through “THE SCISSOR SKILLS”. This book teaches scissor readiness, tearing, snipping, and fringe cutting art projects for preschool children. This month’s  activities  are,  making of paper bag puppets, headbands, snowman, balloons and tearing etc.