Ioana, Troy and Brian Visiting Edelweiss School & GD Mara Slum, Bangalore, India

Posted on June 28th, by AlphaBet Club in bangalore, charity. 1 Comment

AlphaBet Club volunteers Ioana Boldea, Troy Swanson and Brian van Daal visited Edelweiss School and the GD Mara slum (this is where most of the students of Edelweiss School live).

The welcome and hospitality at the school and in the slum was overwhelming with lots of tiny handshakes, hugs and ‘high fives’. To see the school and the environment where these children grow up makes it clear that the education- and nutrition projects at Edelweiss school are making a huge difference to change these children’s lives. A very memorable day!

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  • shaun561546

    We are so happy to their success and i hope every people are love them so much. Their successful story should be inspire the others people and they will be idle for others.