ABC funds New Primary School in Haiti

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Celebrating 1st Year Anniversary of AlphaBet Club’s 10th School Project, ABC AYMY School in Anse-a-Pitres HAITI! 102 children benefited from 1st academic year at new school ending in June 2019. With new school year for 100+ children beginning this week. Thanks and Congrats to amazing partner Fundación AYMY Los Niños De Haití for great 1st year in new school & impact you’re having on students & community! ❤️


-The School offers a specialized accelerated educational system for underserved local children to receive quality education to advance quickly to their appropriate age/grade level.

-Children with a higher educational level access local schools to finish their studies in which, in most cases, they stand out for their good results

-The AYMY school started in 2010 for orphaned children that the orphanage hosts. Currently 24 of the 102 children attending live on premises at the orphanage.

-Little by little, we add more children as students that are from local families without economic resources, that we come across in the impoverished local community in which we find ourselves, Ansé a Pitres (Southeast of Haíti border with Dominican Republic)

-Since 2017, the AYMY NGO has their own land with infrastructure prepared to withstand the natural disasters that the island usually suffers.

-Before the arrival of AlphaBet Club, the dining room was used to teach classes. We separated the different levels of students into classes with palm leaves which made it difficult to teach and learn in the classes by the noise of each level when sharing the same space.

-In 2018, AYMY opened a new school in the interior of the field thanks to AlphaBet Club. There are now 7 independent classrooms, enough for each grade/level to have their own space.

-The school is also prepared to withstand any type of natural disaster, which can serve as a community shelter. Important as there are many hurricanes coming through.

-On September 17, 2018, the first class took place in the new school that ended on June 19 with the delivery of grades to students.

-5 Teachers and many amazing staff and volunteers add their magic to these children learning. Real Madrid hosts football clinic each Summer.

-In June we host a graduation ceremony to celebrate accomplishments of children and give out grades/diplomas.

-All children wear uniforms at school as is the local law. We’re grateful for uniforms donated by Spanish or local organizations.

-During the school year, we host two volunteer nurses who make the most of the school’s classrooms to provide training in health material

-Throughout the year, we receive volunteers during the year who contribute additional material to the school program such as music, theater, drawing or some language.

-During the summer, children and volunteers make use of the school’s classrooms for the development of the summer camp that includes many diverse activities.

-In summer time, having the new infrastructure, students are able to be divided into groups and perform activities simultaneously and orderly.

On behalf of AlphaBet Club, we’d like to thank all ABCers for their continued support in our education impact projects.