Ten years of girls’ education in Vietnam

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ABC  has sponsored a Vietnamese girl to attend primary and secondary school at a  Room to Read school in her village. This sponsorship began this year and covers 10 years of her studies through primary and secondary school. Room to Read does not share any specific  information on children sponsored but does offer a great report of their educational sponsorship program.

“Economics, cultural bias and gender discrimination often exclude girls from educational opportunities in the developing world. Yet, it  is widely acknowledged that educating girls is the most powerful and effective  way to address global poverty – and the single best investment one can make. When  girls learn, their families, communities and societies all benefit. Educating  girls is directly linked to positive outcomes, including:

  • Lower infant mortality rates
  • Increased eventual wages
  • Increased likelihood of educating the next generation
  • Improved family health
  • Success in combating the spread of HIV/AIDS and other preventable  diseases
  • Improvement of general economic development

Despite these known benefits, girls are less likely than boys to attend school; and those girls fortunate enough to enroll are likely to drop out when transitioning from primary to secondary school.”

Read more at the Room to Read website 

The AlphaBet Club has generously supported a  Room to Read School Room project in Laos, a Reading Room in Cambodia and ten  years of girl’s education in Vietnam. Thank you to all involved for joining Room to Read in our effort to  bring the lifelong gift of education to millions of children in developing  countries. Your support will make a real  difference to the lives of the children your funds support. “

John Wood, Founder and  Executive Chairman
Room to Read


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