New office setup for Edelweiss School Manager

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New office space for Mary, the Edelweiss Manger

 “ABC takes pleasure to announce of a new office space created for the School Manager – A space which was not used effectively for any school activities and it gave way for adding a new classroom that can seat 20 children!”

A brand new office space was created for Mary, the school manager at Edelweiss school.  This space was a dead space in the school and not being effectively used for any school activities.  This space worked out perfect for an office with some minor alterations.  Now parents can reach out better to Mary, she has good visibility to the front of the building and can see who are dropping and picking up the kids.

By creating this office we were able to convert the old office room into an extra classroom which can easily seat 20 children.  This academic year ABC is providing education for a total of 104 day scholars and 37 After School Children which is 25% increase in enrollment from last year.

Team of Edelweiss School in the new office area

Complete look of the office