Christmas Celebrations & Gifts at ABC Schools

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Relive the celebration with our 238 students attending ABC Building Blocks Edelweiss & Freesia Schools as they celebrated at each school last Saturday with the teachers and a special day of activities. Students have a week off of school.

Students at Edelweiss School received a Christmas present of a large warm blanket. This December is a colder than usual and we believed that the students and their families would get good use of the blankets. The 120 blankets were funded by a donation of AlphaBet Club FacePainting volunteers at a past event. Special thanks to Joska van Oosten, Liselotte Betist, Lotta Isopuro and Victoire Klaassen for donating the funds they raised at ABC Halloween party 2013 while facepainting, and donating them to go towards these Christmas gifts.

Additional funding for these blankets were provided from Optional Donations that were made by ABCers when they purchase tickets online and choose to give an optional donation to go to gifts like these.

Christmas holiday is one of many holidays and festivals students celebrate at our schools, including Diwali & Children’s Day. 

Thanks to Alternatives 4 Children and all ABC Members for their continued support of ABC Projects.